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How to Add Beautiful Frames to Photos

Do you want to embellish your photos with some beautiful frames but you don't know which software or app to use?  We are happy to announce that you have come to the right article at the right time! In the next few lines we will list some apps to add frames on photos that could be right for you.

Your photos must stand out from those of others. If you want to have a guaranteed result, the simplest and quickest thing to do is to apply a border or a frame to your pictures. In this way, photos will acquire a special look and will be shared with everyone. 

Apart from online services, there are also some PC software very useful for this purpose, to be used in case of no Internet connection or if you prefer to avoid doing everything via web browser. And what about smartphones and tablets? Are there any suitable apps? The answer is yes. In fact, there are resources that allow you to do everything directly and comfortably from the touch screen of mobile devices and even in this case the results are guaranteed. Follow our instructions on what to do to add beautiful frames to your photos


photo frames

PhotoCartoon Frames & Effects is a section of the popular photo to cartoon converter site that packs over 50 effects and frames ready to apply to your photos. The service is free and very simple to use.
Click on the Choose button to select the photo from your computer and once the online editor is open, from the left you can choose the frame you want to apply to your photo.
There are dozens of frames to choose from that will make your photo more beautiful to view and share. The framed photos can finally be saved in high resolution and printed at high quality.

photo frames

Among the frames available are those with a Christmas theme, those for framing photos of children, funny, serious and coloring frames. In short, there are frames of every type and for every need.

Thanks to you will be able also to do the following things:

A) Create Whatsapp Stickers with your own Face

B) Add a Frame to your Photos

C) Transform your Photo into Avatar


2. LoonaPix

photo frames

It is a portal full of effects to embellish images, create photomontages and decorate your pictures. It works with any web browser, you don't have to register and its use is very intuitive.

To use it, open the service's website, click on the Photo Frames tab at the top and select the frame you like from the many available. If at first glance you can't find a frame you like, first click on the name of the reference category from the appropriate section on the left.

After choosing your frame, press the button choose the photo in the new page, click on Browse ... in the box that appears on the screen and select, from your computer, the photo you want to frame. If the photo you want to apply the frame  is online, after clicking on the button, choose the photo you select from the web in the box you see on the screen and type the url.

Once upload is complete, you can use the buttons that you see appear at the top of the frame to increase or decrease the zoom level of the image, rotate the photo to the right or left or mirror it. Then click on the create button to generate your frame.

Finally, hit the Download button to save the framed photo to your computer. From the menu that opens, you can choose whether to download the image in HD or normal resolution. If you want, before following the download you can also add a caption to the frame by clicking on the appropriate button and make various other changes to your creation, always using the on-screen commands.


3. Photo Montager (Online)

photo frames

Another nice online service that we want to advise you to create frames for your digital photos is Photo Montager. It offers a lot of frames (and various photomontages) to choose from, both classic and imaginative as well as inspired by the most disparate themes. The final result is highly effective. Even so, you can use it from any web browser and you don't need to create an account to use it. The only thing that you have to know is that it needs the Flash Player plugin to work.

To start using Photo Montager, you just need to open to the home page of the service and select the frame you prefer among the many available and click on it. 

Then choose whether to upload the photo you want to frame from your computer, whether to take one at in real time via webcam or the image from Facebook by clicking on the buttons on the screen. Then move the image by clicking on it and, continuing to hold down, drag it to so that it is centered. If you want, you can also increase or decrease the size of the photo using the commands that you find on the sides and in the corners of the same.

You can then make further changes to the image by cropping it, applying special effects and retouching it using the buttons at the bottom and the toolbar you see appear. You can also add watermark to your photo by clicking on the "T" button at the top and typing what you want to write in the field that appears on the screen.

When the changes are complete, click on the Go button at the top right, wait a few moments for the image to be processed, then you will be see the final result that you can save on your computer by right clicking on it and selecting the appropriate item from the context menu that appears.


4. ClipYourPhotos (Online)

photo frames

As an alternative to the online services you can create photo frames by using ClipYourPhotos. This is a ebsite that offers various resources to modify and edit images and which also integrates a special section entirely dedicated to frames. There are various kinds and for all tastes. No registration is required, but the use of Flash Player is required.

First of all you need to open ClipYourPhotos website, then click on Framer. Then wait a few moments for the service editor to load and press the Browse button to select the image you want to frame from your computer.

So choose the type of frame you want to apply to the photos from the menu on the left. If the frame provides it, you can also select the color using the appropriate selector that you can always find on the left, at the top.

If the final result satisfies you (you can view it in real time on the right side of the website page), click on the Save framed photo button at the top and then on Save to save the photo with the frame applied on your computer.


5. AKVIS Frames (Windows/Mac)

photo frames

If you prefer to use a “classic” software for PC/Mac, you can try AKVIS Frames. It is a freeware software available for both Windows and Mac that allows you to add beautiful frames to your photos. The frames available are all grouped by theme, very well done and in high resolution.

To use it, go the official website and hit on Download button at the top right, then install the program.

After installation, Run the software and select the language you prefer. Check the box next to the wording "I accept the terms of the license agreement", click "Next" twice, then click Install and to conclude click on Finish. Then start the program by double clicking on its icon that has been added to the desktop.

Once the program is open, register an account (for free) and hen click on the button with the arrow at the bottom right and select the frame you prefer among the many available in the menu that opens. If you can't find anything you like among the listed frames, first select a different package by clicking the Manage Taper Packages button.

Apply the frame to your photo and finally save the picture on your PC/Mac (in high resolution).




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Original Photo


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special effects

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photo montage

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