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How to Create Sticker for WhatsApp with Your Face

How to Make Your Own Face As WhatsApp Sticker

Within Whatsapp there are already predefined stickers ready for use and many other "packs" of stickers that can be downloaded and used. These stickers are depicting animals, objects or generic characters, so they are not personalized.

If you are on this page, it is most likely because you have seen some of your friends using personalized stickers with their face. They are almost always stickers that represent the face of the person in a "cartoon" version, and very similar to the subject. If you too want to create stickers for whatsapp with your face, below you will find out how to do it. It is very simple and you just need to follow the steps described below.

Phase 1. Turn photo of your face into cartoon

The first thing to do is to create the sticker using your photo. Get a photo of your face. A photo where you are present in full is also fine, the service we will use below will be able to take only the face and create the sticker from it. If you are using your mobile phone and you already have a photo of your face in the gallery, ok you can proceed. Otherwise, if you have it on your computer, we recommend that you use the service from your PC or Mac.

The service to use to create the sticker of your face in a "cartoon" version is It is an online tool able to cartoonize your photos

Step 1. Log in (from your mobile or computer) to the website. Once logged in you will see a form where you can import your photo.


Click on CHOOSE FILE and then select your photo. If you want to create a sticker with your face that represents joy, choose a photo where you are beautifully smiling. In the same way, choose a photo with a different mood of yours in order to represent other emotions like sadness, anger, doubtful, thoughtful, etc.

In our example we took a photo like this (with expression of doubt):

Step 2. Convert photo to "cartoon"

After selecting the photo, click on “CARTOONIZE ONLINE” and the system will automatically transform the photo into a “cartoon” style. In the panel that opens, from the left select the "CARTOON REAL1" effect to get the cartoon effect focused only on your face. Here's what we got from our photo:

Step 3. Download the photo

Click on "Download" to download the photo to your mobile (if you are using your phone) or to your computer. Or you can click on the Whatsapp icon symbol if you want to immediately send your sticker to your friends.


Phase 2. Upload the sticker to Whatsapp

Now that you have created the sticker with your face, you have to upload it on your Whatsapp app. To do this you need to download and install a free app that can upload stickers to Whatsapp. Among the many apps available we have chosen Sticker Maker.

Install the Sticker Maker app on your Android phone from this page of the Google Play Store:

If you own an iPhone, you can download a similar app from this App Store link:

After installing the app, open it and click on "Create new Sticker". Then you will automatically access the photo gallery of your mobile to select the photo we created earlier with

NB: If you have saved the photo on your computer you will need to transfer it to your mobile phone via USB cable or using a program that can transfer photos from computer to mobile.

After opening the image (sticker) in the Sticker Maker app, you can make some changes such as deleting the background using the ERASER tool. Click on "ERASER" and then with your finger remove all the background of the photo in order to have only your face as a sticker.

After completing the changes click on SAVE at the top right and the app will ask you if you want to add the sticker to Whatsapp. Click on ADD to proceed.

Well at this point you just have to open Whatsapp, choose a contact and then access the STICKERS section. Here you will find the newly created sticker with your face. Select and send!


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