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Simpsonize Yourself | Turn your Photo into a Simpson Cartoon

Are you a fan or sympathizer of the Simpsons and their characters? Do you want to try to simpsonize yourself and transform your photo into a Simpson Cartoon? Well, if that's what you want then you are in the right place because you will discover a simple, fast and free way to turn your photo, your face, into a Simpson character.

You will not transform into a Simpson character such as Marge, Bart, Lisa or Homer, but you will transform into a Simpson character that looks just like you!

Once the transformation is done, you can use the new portrait to share it with friends, family or colleagues. You can create your own avatar or print and frame the new drawing.

The service / software to use is Photo Cartoon. We have already described this software in the guide on how to cartoonize yourself. Being the Simpsons one of the most popular cartoons in the world, the possibility of transforming your photo into a Simpson character could not be missing.

How To Create Simpson Character From Your Photo

Step 1. First, go to the free homepage. In this homepage you will have the possibility to select the photo to be transformed into a cartoon and even a Simpson character.

Step 2. Click on the Choose File button and then select a photo of you (portrait), where your face is clearly visible. It is advisable to choose a photo where only you and not other people are present in order to transform only your face into a Simpson character.

Step 3. Press  on CARTOONIZE button and wait for the page with the “cartoon” effects to open that you can apply to your photo. From the left of the screen you can choose the various effects. Among these, search and select the SIMPSON effect and automatically your photo will be converted into a Simpson character as you can see in the example figure below:

Step 4. From the toolbar on the right of the window you can (if you wish) adjust some image parameters such as contrast, brightness and transparency. You can also add text on your "simpsonized" photo

Step 5. To save your photo with “Simpson” style click on the Download button. The image will be saved on your computer and at that point you can manage it as you see fit.

Here is an example of a photo converted into a Simpson character!

There are two filters/effects you can apply to simpsonize yourself. With the Simpsons2 effect you will get a result like the one represented in the figure below.

With latest version of, now it is also possible to obtain a Simpson effect applied to the whole body. Below is an example of an effect applied to the entire body and not just the face.



FULL BODY SIMPSON EFFECT (applied after clicked on Simpson effect)

simpson full body effect

Really interesting right? Try using service now and have fun turning your face into Simpson!

NB: is available both online version to convert your photos into cartoon characters directly online, and in software version (for Windows). The software version, unlike the web-based service, allows you to download photos at higher resolution and therefore is ideal for those who want to generate quality photos to print.


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