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Turn YourSelf into a Cartoon for Free

Do you want to turn yourself into a cartoon? Have you tried different online services but are not satisfied with the result? Then all you have to do is try our free service! 

Here are some examples. We started from the following original photo


...and thanks to we were able to cartoonize it and obtain the following cartoon effects:



These are just 4 of the many cartoon effects that you can apply to yourself for free!

If you are on this page about turning yourself into cardboard, the reasons may be different. Below are the main reasons that push people to turn a photo into a cartoon.

  1. Entertainment: Cartoonizing photos can be a fun and creative way to transform ordinary pictures into something visually appealing and humorous. It can make images more interesting and shareable on social media.

  2. Personalization: Cartoonized photos can be used to create unique and personalized gifts, such as caricatures or cartoons of loved ones, which can be memorable and cherished.

  3. Artistic Expression: Some people cartoonize photos as a form of artistic expression. It allows them to experiment with different styles, colors, and techniques to create visually striking and imaginative artwork.

  4. Visual Simplification: Cartoonizing can simplify complex images, making them easier to understand or interpret. This can be useful in educational materials, presentations, or infographics.

  5. Marketing and Branding: Cartoonized images can be used in marketing materials, logos, and branding to create a distinctive and memorable visual identity for a business or product.

  6. Emphasis on Features: Cartoonization can emphasize specific features or characteristics of a subject, which can be useful for illustrating certain points or highlighting unique aspects of a person or object.

  7. Nostalgia: Cartoonized photos can evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of childhood cartoons or comic books. This can add a sentimental and whimsical touch to photos.

  8. Privacy: In some cases, people cartoonize photos to protect their privacy. By altering their appearance, they can share images without revealing their true identity.

  9. Storytelling: Cartoonized images can be used in storytelling and animation to convey emotions, actions, or narratives in a more engaging and stylized manner.

  10. Creative Challenge: For artists and designers, cartoonizing photos can be a creative challenge and a way to push their skills and explore new techniques.

In summary, cartoonizing a photo can serve various purposes, from entertainment and personalization to artistic expression and practical applications in marketing or education. It's a versatile technique that allows individuals to add creativity and uniqueness to their visual content.

Now let's see how you can turn yourself into cardboard in less than a minute. Yes, you understood correctly... it takes less than a minute. Follow the steps below to cartoonize yourself (you can simpsonize yourself, turn your photo into Disney character, or Barbie/Ken, etc!)

Step 1. Go to homepage


Step 2. Click on Choose File and import your portrait photo

For our test we uploaded the following photo:


Step 3.. Turn yourself into cartoon

Just click on the desired cartoon effect on the left bar to cartoonize yourself!! It's really so simple and fun! When you get the desired result, click on Download and download the photo to your computer to share it with your friends, even on social networks!

Here are some cartoon effect we obtain for the source image:

turn yourself into cartoon

or the following one:

turn yourself into cartoon

These are just two examples. The service offers more than 50 effects ready to discover. And all this is completely free!!



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PhotoCartoon offers 50+ amazing photo cartoon effects ready to apply to your photos. Here are some examples:

Original Photo


Cartoon Effect


Sketch Effect


Pencil Draw Effect


Painting Effect


Vintage Effect



PhotoCartoon offers also 50+ amazing photo frames and effects for your pictures. Here are some examples:

Original Photo


Beautiful Frames


Special Effects

special effects

Photo Montage

photo montage

Customized Background


Cluster Effect



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